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Non-profit, No-kill, Care-for-Life Sanctuary (501 (c)(3) status)

East Texas Paws, Inc. is a non-profit, no-kill, care-for-life sanctuary with 501 (c)(3) status that was granted in 2003. We have a census of approximately 175 animals on site and another 40 in foster homes. We are housed on ten acres and have a heated barn and covered kennels for our animals. We are a volunteer organization except for two employees. As founder and president of East Texas Paws, Inc., I reside at the sanctuary and volunteer all my time and resources gladly to this important cause. I have dedicated the last 50 years of my life striving to shelter abused and abandoned animals and to promote spay/neuter in our area.

Janie Hunter, President

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(936) 676-2165

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Cook Book

 East Texas Paws 1st edition cookbooks.
All proceeds go to our spay/neuter program.
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East Texas Paws, Inc.
2881 FM 326
Lufkin, Texas 75901

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East Texas Paws, Inc. was featured in A LOOK AT LUFKIN . We would like to give you a small glimpse at what we do.

     East Texas Paws, Inc. is grateful for the opportunity to share our unique contribution with the community. Our dedicated board of directors includes a retired Exxon drilling operations manager, two retired certified teachers, a retired owner of a construction business and a current artist. The needs of our organization are great, and our appreciation is immeasurable for the assistance and donated time of local law firms, veterinarians, a wildlife rehabilitator, foster families, and volunteers so willing to give of themselves and their expertise.  We are a non-profit charitable organization with current 501 (C) 3 status.

    The grueling daily work behind the scenes is exhausting seven days a week. Our team of unpaid volunteers spend countless hours completing rescue, rehabilitation, networking, adoption and transportation of unwanted or abandoned cats and dogs. We proudly carry the title of Non-breed Specific, which makes our job more difficult by not limiting our services to specific breeds of cats or dogs. We are also coded as a No-Kill and Care-For-Life sanctuary, which separates our group from typical animal control and humane society shelters. If not adopted, the animals that are in refuge here do not face euthanasia or needless death.

    No-kill sanctuary status carries a heavy financial burden. Our volunteers work endlessly without compensation other than their personal satisfaction. Thus far, all expenses have been paid out of pocket with supplemented donations from local caring citizens and limited grants. The operation expenses are immense when considering all of the supplies; special diets of canned food for senior pets, all pet supplies, rehabilitation, transportation, medication, vet bills,utilities, and 2 paid workers. Our out-of-pocket contributions of over $10,000.00 a month only help to provide for the necessities.

    When called upon for help by our local animal control, local humane society, or private citizens, the dedicated work of our volunteers is beyond measure. Immediate phone calls are dispersed over Texas and other states. On several occasions, our starting point has been in Canada, in search for a "Forever" placement of the pet in need. Our computer people start a networking search that connects us nation-wide with other No-kill shelters in search for the proper adoption. Often volunteers from various points in Texas help with the relay of the transportation trips that become extremely emotional, especially for a pet of 10-15 years of age that no longer has their human friend.

    Most of the retirement pets that have belonged to an owner who is terminally ill, been placed in a retirement home or is deceased, never get a home. Adoption for these older furry friends at a humane society or animal control facility is almost nil. Surprisingly to our group, many family members refuse to care for the left behind older pet of their deceased relative. Thankfully, our organization has been able to help with several of these older companions that were taken to our local animal control, local humane society, Nacogdoches Humane Society, and other kill shelters in East Texas. Along with our foster help, volunteers, and a wildlife rehabilitator, we care for many of these senior pets. Funding and finding foster homes for these special animals that have lost their human friend is considered a mandatory priority, and public help and support will be appreciated and is very much needed at the present time.  We pride ourselves in not asking the pet's owner or family for any monetary compensation or endowment to care for these left behind furry animals.

    Because of our dedicated No-kill and Care-for-Life status, our sanctuary is filled to maximum capacity at the present time. We care for approximately 175 dogs and cats with most being in our Care-for-Life program due to previous owners request, health issues, or age of the animals. Although we have no more space at the present for additional animals, when called upon to help an animal in need, we exhaust all possibilities until proper placement is found.

    Extreme dedication of our unpaid volunteers express the soul felt passion we share in hope of making a difference in the useless number of canine and feline deaths in our area. Instead of euthanasia being our solution to the inundated over population of unwanted animals, our group intends to form a financial trust to develop a spay and neuter program like no other. We need financial assistance in order to initiate a program of this magnitude. Hopefully, in the long-term prospective we will minimize or deplete the need for euthanasia at our local animal control and humane society, thus helping these shelters with positive reinforcement. Through public awareness, education programs and stressing the importance of spaying and neutering pets, we can work together in a community effort to reduce the number of animals having to be put to death needlessly.

    We want to express again our thanks for the opportunity to share our tremendous feat and goal with our community. Also, we want to leave with you an understanding of our purpose.

    The purpose or purposes, for which the corporation is organized is for the humane endeavor to rescue, rehabilitate, transport, and adopt homeless, abandoned, or abused animals in the East Texas area. The corporation is dedicated to provide a No-kill, Care-for-life sanctuary for un-adoptable animals and insure a life free of suffering and pain for the duration of their natural lives. To place adoptable animals in loving, permanent high quality homes; to educate the public and promote and provide assistance with spaying and neutering for the prevention of overpopulation and unwanted animals. 

Hopefully you will find us worthy of any support you can send our way.  Your kindness in considering our needs is gratefully appreciated.  To make a donation can contact Janie Hunter ateasttexaspaws@yahoo.com or 936-676-2165.  Donations can also be made on PayPal